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About Our Club

Tri-City Promenaders has been dancing together for almost 60 years. We have nearly 90 members spanning multiple generations. Everyone is welcome to come dance with us, regardless of skill level. First-timers to seasoned pros can gather together to socialize, exercise and feel alive.


Why square dance?

Square dancing and round dancing help stimulate your mental ability by thinking strategically about the next move being called. Meeting people from all walks of life at lessons and dances lets you socialize with different folks from the community. High-energy dancing gives you a great workout and helps you stay fit. Enjoy classic square dancing melodies, plus modern songs you'll know from the radio. 

When we dance.

Every September our club starts a new series of lessons and beginners and others who want to improve their square dance skills. Lessons are every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 at Brookside Center, 1244 Brookside Dr., Hurst, TX. Our next lessons will start on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019. Our club has a monthly dance on the 4th Saturday of each month.

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Meet our caller.


With over thirty-five years’ experience as a caller, Ray has become widely recognized for his dedication to square dance, not only through his calling but through his strength as a teacher and instructor. Ray continually promotes the activity by teaching lessons and his commitment to student success and his encouragement of new dancers is evident. Ray is currently the club caller for the Circle I Square and Round Dance Club in Irving, Texas, the Tri-City Promenaders Square Dance Club in Hurst, Texas and the Diamond Jubileers Square Dance Club in Arlington, Texas. He also guest calls for several other clubs throughout the North Texas area. Ray has called in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and the Bahamas!

Ray is currently serving as President of the North Texas Callers Association and is also a member of the Texas State Callers Association and CALLERLAB.

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